Clinical Governance

This domain has its focus on the following key components;

  • Development of a clinical governance framework for THI
  • Inter-institutional sharing of risk reduction policies
  • Identification¬† of common components for clinical audit
  • Development of an evidence-based medicine structure
  • Generation of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Identification of elements¬† of a common Quality Framework
  • Generation of principles for joint links with patient organizations
  • Identification of appropriate joint clinical governance structures e.g.
  • Infection Control Committee
  • Medicines Management Committee
  • Risk Management Committee
  • Audit Steering Group
  • Therapeutics Advisory and Implementation Group
  • Training and Development Committee

A group is being established with membership from the participating institutions to develop joint criteria for the principles and practice of good clinical governance, as well as operational guidelines. Apart from principles, the delivery of good clinical governance involves the development of integrated care pathways (ICPs) with standard operating procedures (SOPs) to help implement these.  Care pathways and SOPs were developed to improve clinical outcomes. It is expected that the use of integrated care pathways and SOPs may deliver added value in terms of improved managerial efficiency and cost savings.

The main objectives of this group will be to;

  • Establish a clearing house of existing structures, criteria and principles of good clinical governance in the partner institutions.
  • Assess whether these are based on the best available evidence and adapt as appropriate.
  • Agree best-practice principles and delivery structures.
  • Seek to develop and provide integrated care pathways and SOPs for the 5-10 commonest clinical conditions within their area, with a commitment for subsequent development for less common conditions.
  • Consider a research evaluation as to whether the use of ICPs and SOPs actually affects outcomes, efficiency and costs.