Development of Joint Clinical Services

THI’s core objective is to build a world class patient care model, operating on multiple sites but working seamlessly as one entity with each site developing a complementary set of core competencies to address the total portfolio of patient needs.

This domain  has a focus on the following key areas;

  • Integration of clinical services across multiple sites to permit creation of critical mass in core and specialist domains
  • Strengthening of links to catchment areas and community
  • Strengthening of links with other affiliated Hospitals
  •  Integration of Coombe Hospital into overall planning structure and possible integration of other institutions into the overall structure of THI
  • Creation of Framework Group for evaluation of clinical performance and assessment of clinical interventions
  • Interactions with external academic partners regarding evaluation both at quantitative and non-quantitative level leading to input to evaluation framework
  • Development of change management framework for adaptation  to evaluation results
  • Planning analysis of requirements to develop full trauma services
  • Creation of gynaecological triage centre to evaluate appropriate service development

There is good progress in relation to the following two patient services; Diabetes/Endocrinology (website currently down), Trinity  Academic Gastroenterology Group (TAGG), THI Kidney Centre, and Neurology Centre

Discussions are ongoing in relation to the establishment of a joint Gynaecological Triage Centre and THI Trauma Centre.