Integrated 5 Year Work Programme

The core activities of THI include:

  • Excellence in Patient Care
  • Conduct of High Quality Research to international standards
  • Provision of Excellence in Undergraduate Medical and Biomedical Education
  • Training of Medical Specialists to the highest standards
  • Delivery of Post-Graduate Education at both MSc and PhD level
  • Contribution to the Knowledge Economy

Trinity Health Ireland aims to:

  • Be the provider of excellence in health care to the population
  • Provide Rapid delivery of benefits of new research and therapies
  • Have a concentration of Leading Consultants across  specialities ensuring more expert care
  • Be the provider of tertiary care in the health care system
  • Be the engine for research and development in healthcare
  • Be the breeding site and incubator of the health care work force
  • Be an important agenda shaper in Ireland, Europe and  globally

With these core activities and objectives at the fore, an Integrated 5 year plan with key domains has been developed. The five key domains are as follows:

  • Corporate Structures
  • Development of Joint Clinical Services
  • Academic Development
  • Clinical Governance
  • Communications

Developments in relation to each of these key areas will be updated under the relevant links on a regular basis.